About us


My parents immigrated to Québec in the 1970’s from the Philippines. Soon after settling in Montréal, they got married and had three daughters. It was important to them that their family embraced their new Canadian culture as well as their Filipino roots. What better way to teach their children about their Filipino heritage? By the delicious Filipino and Asian foods, of course!

When my parents were little, they spent many hours in the kitchen helping their parents and grandparents prepare the meals. So when they had their own family, they did the same. Growing up, some of my favorite childhood memories are sitting at the kitchen table with my whole family as we rolled Pandesal and Ensaymada and listened to our parents’ stories from back home. Since then, I have always loved baking.

When the COVID pandemic hit, like many people, I lost my job. And like many people during the pandemic, I started to bake (and contributed to the shortage of flour and yeast). Ube is one my favourite Filipino flavours, so I started to bake with it more and more. Christmas was fast approaching and we were not allowed to celebrate with our family and friends. So, I decided to wrap all my baked Ube treats, gathered my husband and three kids into our minivan and delivered them to the door steps of our loved ones. The next day, everyone contacted me telling me how much they enjoyed their gifts and asked if they could order. Order?!? I never had any intentions of selling my Ube baked goods. But after moving to Waterloo, QC and really reflecting on my passions in life AND the encouragement and support from everyone…I am now an entrepreneur.

My name is Emilee Veluz and I am the owner of Les bouchées mauves Inc. I want to share my love for Ube and baking with all of you.

Mabuhay! Welcome!